I'm in Montreal (Qc) Canada and our healthcare system is way different than you US peeps. I was wondering when is your first doctor visit and how many ultrasounds do you get throughout your pregnancy.

Us, we only see the doctor at 13 weeks. (because there are a lack of doctors and they want to eliminate any miscarriage possibilities prior to the 13 weeks)

We also only have 2 ultrasounds. Well, basically only 1. At 12 weeks, you can choose to test to see if the baby has down syndrome and a few other tests. This isn't obiligatory on our end because it costs us money (our healthcare is basically free)
If you opt for this choice (which we did for Mavrick) then we had our first ultrasound at that moment.

Then you have the other ultrasound at 5 months. The gender reveal ultrasound (if you want to know the sex of the baby) but that's it. If you don't pay for the first ultrasound then you only have the 5month one. We do hear the heartbeat at every doctor appointment but thats only on a monthly basis until you hit the 7 month mark.

Crazy how things are different here and in the US.

p.s obviously if its a at risk pregnancy then the doctor asks for more ultrasounds, but in majority of the cases, the standard 1 or 2 is what we get in a 40 week pregnancy.