So I posted a few months back on my husbands job hunt and how frustrating the experience it was. You guys were so helpful so I wanted to write in again. My husband has gone through a few interviews and has gotten to the last rounds on all. Recently, he found his "dream" job in the same market he is currently in and was referred by a family friend who currently works there. He had a wonderful interview and all looked promising. He even had follow-ups with the gentleman that interviewed him. He was sent the assessment 2 nights ago and took it and felt really good about it. Today, he received an email saying they would be conducting more interviews throughout the remainder of the month but is still in the running. He took it as a nice way of them saying no. He is so disappointed and let down as am I. He is more than qualified for the position and its just so disheartening. How did you bees deal with this? Have you gone with something similar? Hugs to anyone who has because this is so tough.