I need to pick your brains... ideas needed!!

We were at the library yesterday. DS wasnt feeling great and I wasn't aware of the intensity of it. The next thing you know he puked all over the floor thank god he didn't puke on books and the majority of it was not on the carpet. The librarians were so nice about it and two of them came with paper towels and sprays and garbage bags. I wanted to be the one cleaning the mess up but they reassured me it is ok and they were cleaning up the mess while I tried to wipe DS down to a manageable mess before leaving. I kept saying sorry as we were heading out.

I want to bring in something nice next time we visit but I dont know what to bring. I thought about a small vase of flowers and a thank you card, but I don't know if anyone may be allergic to flowers... or chocolates and a card but is it weird to bring food when my son puked all over their floor? Fruit basket but what if they don't eat fruit? DH said I can bring them books but I don't know if librarians would appreciate that when they had to clean up puke... it should be something nicer and more on top of their work?

What do you guys think? I want to do it soon. We are probably going back Tuesday because we didn't check out any books when we were there