What resources might you recommend (books and articles/reading materials especially)? My daughter is coming up on 9 and I am wondering if she might be having some challenges developing in this regard, but I don't really know enough about the concept so I'd love to educate myself.

For context, I've had some concerns about AD(H)D with her over the years, but have been told by her teachers since pre-K that they don't see any issues in school. She's academically advanced (in 3rd grade now and doing advanced math and reading at higher grade level) and does well with tasks in school, but tasks at home/outside of school can be really challenging to manage, especially things that are responsibilities rather than fun. Organization is a big challenge at home especially (and at school, but we've tried to manage this by having less stuff at school to organize). Remembering things, like to bring her computer charger home every day. Spacial awareness is a big one as well (being mindful of her surroundings and other people - she's very empathetic to people's emotions and thoughts but will physically walk straight into someone despite them being in front of her). Staying on task, like folding her laundry, or cleaning up at home, is nearly impossible without guidance/hovering. Handwriting is still pretty illegible chicken scratch (I've posted about this before) which I read recently could be an executive functioning issue. It's not majorly inhibiting but something I want to learn more about and pay attention to so that she doesn't end up getting older without proper support. Would love any tips/suggestions/resources. Many thanks!