When did they learn to walk? Were they delayed in other motor skills too? If they're older now, how has it affected them long-term?

L has been receiving EI services for about 4 months now, but was just diagnosed yesterday with this. I'm still reeling a bit - I hate that it's not something I can fix. I hate being told that there's something wrong with him when he seems so perfect to me. I'm glad to have some answers on why he has been delayed in his gross motor skills, but selfishly I'm still frustrated that soon I'll be carrying all 27 pounds of him plus an infant around everywhere.

I'm just hoping to hear from others to have some realistic expectations around this. He learned to crawl at nearly 12 months, pulled to stand at 14 months, and now at 16 months that is still where we're at - he doesn't stand independently and hates when you try to help him walk. Also open to suggestions on exercises/activities to do with him!