Long time member going anonymous. Please don’t judge. I didn’t plan to have a 3rd and don’t feel this is the time with the pandemic. No offense to anyone ttc right now. I’ve been through the TTC struggles and Honestly did not expect to be very fertile thus wasn’t on BC. I know it’s too early to test.

99 ear temp today. I believe I ovulated Sunday and we bd on Sunday. Usually pull out game but he didn’t that night. We haven’t bd for months prior. Felt very fatigued all wk but chalked it to lack of sleep and crazy kids. Felt feverish today. Took temp and 99.

I’ve been pretty much quarantined since mid March with a few rare exceptions to run errands but wore mask and socially distanced. We disinfect groceries and just overall very mindful of avoiding virus. No one in our house is sick. I have no other illness symptoms at the moment so hopefully not covid. Will they even test me w no symptoms and 99 temp?

Thx for reading this far. Just needed to vent and get any thoughts from you all. 💜