DH and I have been planning a birthday trip for him in May to Santorini and maybe another island in Greece. I'll be in my 20th week of pregnancy.

I asked my NP during my first OB visit and while she got really excited at first (she went there for her honeymoon), she did say that if a medical emergency came up, the only option is a med flight to Athens. I'm A- bloodtype so am mostly worried about bleeding and needing to get a shot of Rhogam. She left it with, just know the risks, and maybe talk to the OB during my next visit (in 2 weeks). But we'd like to book the travel sooner than later and I feel silly calling the office to ask to speak with their one very busy OB about my vacation.

So I know this is a really privileged problem to have, but would you cancel the trip and go somewhere more local with access to emergency medical care?