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Is testing for gestational diabetes a standard part of pregnancy where you are?

  • poll: Were you (or would you want to be) tested for GD with each pregnancy?
    I was tested every time as standard practice; I wanted the test and will do it again : (61 votes)
    53 %
    I was tested every time as standard practice; I would have opted out if given the choice : (16 votes)
    14 %
    I was tested for some but not all of my pregnancies - my choice : (1 votes)
    1 %
    I was tested for some but not all of my pregnancies - standard practice : (1 votes)
    1 %
    I've only one had one baby but will have the test for any future babies - standard practice : (32 votes)
    28 %
    I've only had one baby but will have the test for any future babies - my request, not standard proce : (0 votes)
    I've only had one baby but will opt out of GD testing in the future : (1 votes)
    1 %
    Other scenario - please explain below : (3 votes)
    3 %
    Snowflakes! : (0 votes)
  1. Autumnmama79

    pear / 1703 posts

    @QBbride: An aside, but I just saw you're in Vancouver. I didn't realize there were any others here! Nice to know

  2. Miss Ariel

    nectarine / 2208 posts

    Like others have said, I didn't have any risk factors but still had gd.

  3. QBbride

    pomegranate / 3192 posts

    @Autumnmama79: that's so cool! What part of Vancouver? We're in North Van

  4. Autumnmama79

    pear / 1703 posts

    @QBbride: We're downtown in coal harbour - we were in Lynn Valley yesterday for family day! Beautiful day yesterday and today

  5. QBbride

    pomegranate / 3192 posts

    @Autumnmama79: ahh no way! We probably passed each other there

  6. psw27

    pomelo / 5220 posts

    Will probably get tested for the next baby, but I think they test everyone.

  7. petitenoisette

    pear / 1521 posts

    I am pretty certain it is standard practice. Though I failed the 1 hour test and then couldn't make it through the 3 hour without vomiting (happened twice) and then I almost failed my second go round so they made me check my sugars for two weeks anyway (I was fine). So I will definitely be declining the 3 hour in the future if I fail the 1 again and just go straight to checking blood sugar.

  8. Mrs.KMM

    grapefruit / 4355 posts

    It is standard practice here. And I would have the test anyways even if it was not. You can wind up with GD even if you have no risk factors.

  9. Ree723

    grapefruit / 4819 posts

    Thanks for all the responses! I did some research as I was curious as to whether the UK and other European countries had a similar rate of diagnosis of GDM as the US. In the UK, the rate is at about 3.5% of pregnancies being affected by GDM; in the US, it is between 4.6% - 9.2%, depending on how the information is obtained (according to a 2014 report from the CDC). So whether the disparity is due to lack of testing here or if the incidence rate is just lower, I'm not sure.

    I also read more about the risk factors for what would make someone higher risk - apparently nearly 50% of the pregnant population here has at least one risk factor, which would warrant the test being done. Aside from the factors I listed in my original post, another significant risk factor is family origin as certain ethnic groups are predisposed to the condition.

    There also things they check through pregnancy - if you're gaining higher than normal amounts of weight and/or if your baby is measuring large for gestational age etc. I don't know, I'm not particularly worried about not being tested. I trust the health service knows what it's doing and if there was an issue with people with GD slipping through the cracks, they would change their practice....

  10. Finfan

    persimmon / 1436 posts

    I took it once with my first pregnancy. That baby was LGA and so with my next pregnancy, they tested me twice: 1st and 3rd trimesters. I passed the one hour all three times. The last time I felt so sick, I was sure I had failed but my doctor said I had an amazing result on that one.

    My first baby was 9 pounds 5 ounces and the second was 9 pounds 10 ounces.


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