I go to a fairly big OB practice with several locations, 10 doctors that rotate, 4 midwives, etc. This is my second pregnancy with them so I've seen pretty much everyone...and never had any regret with any of them. Sure there are some doctors and midwives who I like more but I don't have anything bad to say.

Couple weeks ago we had a gender anatomy scan. My primary provider was at the hospital so I saw another OB. This doctor is fairly new to the practice and I was also surprised how young she looked. She saw something alarming and referred us to a specialist. She also went on and on about this condition, told us the worst case scenarios, and even suggested I read upon this condition on google to know what we were facing. I was so overwhelmed, scared, and nervous. Thankfully, the perinatologist was able to see us the following week. This doctor came and sat in the ultrasound screening and was confused as to why I was referred bc she did not see what my original OB was seeing. To make sure, we also did some blood tests to confirm and luckily everything came out okay. Probably will be on pins and needles until the baby is born but at least I have a sense of relief.

Now, in hindsight, I'm wondering if this is common or if this new OB is being extra cautious or just if the doctor wasn't too sure. It also makes me mad that she went on and on about this condition and what we could be potentially facing if she wasn't even too sure if the baby had this condition or not. I'm glad we went to the specialist to get concrete answers but man, it was expensive bc it was also considered an outpatient service of the hospital. Bc my doctors rotate whose on call, I'm also worried this particular doctor will be on call when I do go into labor.

Should I just stop worrying? express my concern with my primary OB?