What do you think is a fair maternity leave policy for a small business?

Living in the US - I am filling out a survey for work and there is a question about benefits. I want to say that a more defined and reasonable maternity leave policy is desirable but if questioned I want to be able to give specific ideas.

Business has 20 employees - I was the first to have a baby in years with my first but now 3 of us have young kids (all women) and there are 2 men who might have kids while working here. With my first leave, I asked for a few things (working from home when back to work mostly) and it ended up feeling like we were drafting policy for this as I went through it.

They pay for STD which covers 60ish% of a paycheck for 6 (really 4) or 8 (really 6) weeks depending on the birth. They continue to cover medical insurance costs during maternity leave. Other than that, sick leave and vacation leave can be used (we accrue sick leave 1 week a year and get up to 3 weeks vacation that does not roll over).

For example, I had LO2 in December. I took 12 weeks off and was paid through 10 weeks, some partial through STD and some in full through vacation and sick leave. I accrue leave on my date of hire which is in January, so I have no vacation or sick leave until January again. As a "benefit" we are able to work from home 1 day/week for the first 2 years (before COVID so this is a bit of a joke now).

What do you think is fair? Is it unreasonable to want more out of the business?