My LO is 13 days old today and hasn't popped since Wednesday evening. She had about 12 dirty diapers in her first 2-3 days of life. She lost 5 ounces in the first 2 days home but has been gaining it back slowly-ish. Yesterday at 12 days old she was within 4 ounces of her birth weight. I've been working with an LC to establish my milk supply and all seems to be going well. She has 10 wet diapers per day on average, but no poop! I am not sure what to think bc my LC says we should be seeing more but then seems to contradict herself saying "but every baby is different". I've read anything goes when it comes to the frequency of poop, but is that really true? Also we are still supplementing with formula a little, trying to wean off as my milk supply grows.

What experiences have you guys had?