My son is 2.5 and earlier this year, we noticed he has knock knees. I totally get that knock knees is common especially at this age, but I would love to hear from parents whose toddlers had knock knees that went away as they grew older (or didn't). It's very noticeable and while cute because he's still little, it doesn't seem AS common as our pediatrician (or the web) claims it is.

My brother has knock knees as an adult. It's somewhat noticeable when he's wearing pants but I don't think it's a big deal. Still curious about outcomes as they grow and just want to be prepared in general. Our pediatrician brushes it off and says it's common and thankfully only a cosmetic issue. I understand it's not serious but lately, we notice he's been tripping a lot and I wonder if it's because his knees touch/overlap? Our ped said his condition doesn't require treatment unless it's very extreme and causing pain. Treatment at that point would be a very involved surgery.

Just curious to hear from other parents!