My husband and I live in Hoboken and we went to our first appointment with one of the most well-known ob/gyn practices here in Hoboken. They deliver either in Hoboken University Medical Center or Palisades. We are scheduling appointments at both of those hospitals to do a tour.

But I have read of a few Hoboken mommy boards that neither of those hospitals guarantees a private room, although they will give one if they can. This freaks me out. We just moved her last summer and in our old city, it would be unheard of for people with good insurance to *not* have a private room. None of my friends or sisters have ever had a shared room and I don't know why the idea horrifies me so much, but it does.

Anyone here have experience with either of those hospitals?

Our other option would be to switch to someone in the City. My husband works in midtown, and I am a teacher so I will be on summer vacation when our baby is due, so I could easily get to the city if I started labor. But then I will need to look for a new doctor. This has it's plusses and minuses. It would be MUCH easier for my DH to come to appointments in the City, but harder for me (I work in jersey), but again...I'm a teacher so I finish work at 3:15 or so. He works till 6:30 usually.

So, any experience with hospitals/doctors in the city? Which are good, which should I avoid? Do I have a better chance of getting a private room there or should I stay in Hoboken?

We just moved here 6 months ago, so I have no mommy/pregnant friends as of yet.

People at my job (I work further out in Jersey) are horrified of me giving birth in either the City or Hoboken. They tell me going out to Hackensack or even further away is the way to go!

So I'm feeling pretty conflicted.

help? =)