DH and I recently found out we are having a baby, we were going to wait until 12 weeks to tell anyone. We live 6.5 hours away from all are family, with the exception of DH's sister who live 3 hours away. After visiting our families for mother's day we want to tell them earlier, we were going to wait till the end of July for a family party back at "home".

So in 3 weeks my mother is coming to visit us and I want to tell her not sure what Im dong yet for her... and then 2 week later we are going to drive to DH's sister's house when his parents are going to be visiting her to tell them.

So our plan to tell his parents by giving them a children's book and in the inside write something like this' Please read this to me in January . Love Baby (last name).' We plan on having the ultra sound pic to put in with it by that time. DH's dad also read books to the grandchildren so this is really fitting.

So do you have any suggestions for some cute "grandparent" children books?


Also, my mom is going on a two week trip and she doesn't know the exact date she'll be stopping through... but the three day window she gave me has my first ultra sound scheduled... I hope she'll be here then and she can come what a surprise that will be for her!!!