One of the big stresses in my life right now is food. I think about it constantly as in: “Am I getting enough protein? Did I eat vegetables today? Did I consume the right amount of vitamin D? How many times have I had fish this week? And Where is the milk, I cannot drink enough milk” (I’m currently addicted to milk). So to add to this, I messed up twice this week. First I ate ice-cream. Not even a lot of it. Just like five spoonfuls. It was so good. The bad part? Ice cream gives me a stomach ache. And as punishment, I received a particularly bad one. A couple of days later: I was at the mall and starving. I ate a small serving of New York Fries. For the next twelve hours I felt like I had to vomit. The thing is, I NEVER eat ice-cream or fries. Never -- seriously, even before I was pregnant. I think I succumbed to them because I’m stressed out about being so regimented about not just eating healthy, but eating a highly balanced diet. So I rebelled and then paid the price.

Anyone else feel stressed out about food? Any tips for convincing myself to relax about it all?