I know every pregnancy and labor is different but I was in total shock when it came to the pushing part of my first pregnancy. I've always thought with the epidural it would have helped alleviate some/all of the pain (and based on some birth stories from friends and blogs I would have never thought it was that bad).
I endured 1-2 min contractions at 7cm dilated for 6 hours before I took the epidural, breath of relief. I felt everything when it was time to push, it was like I was being burnt in flames, and it took an hour to push her out!
So this 2nd pregnancy, I'm trying to find some answers-did my epidural lose effect? I want to talk to my doctor about it. Do they keep records of my labor in the system? (like if they had decrease the epidural maybe it was documented?)
I thought the full blown contractions were the worst but pushing was a nightmare.
How was your pushing experience?