. This will be fairly long, I'm sorry...

So, I am expecting our first LO in November

I work as a nurse practitioner in a specialized field at a large academic hospital, in an outpatient setting. I have fairly traditional hours, Mon- Thurs like 8 til 6 or 7. Fridays I work from home, catch up on charting, talk to patients on the phone etc. I actually only have clinic 2.5 days - my patients are very sick/dying, so they require lots of care coordination on the phone.

Anyway, I only work directly with one doctor, who is great and a mom w young kids. She understands the work/life balance well - and all of my work def allows her to spend more time w her family.

About a month ago, I approached her w the idea of me returning part time and finding someone to job share with me. I would still be in clinic w her, but the new NP would do more of the phone calls/disability paperwork etc. She is and was very supportive.
The structure at this hospital is nutso and our official bosses are some random MBA and an administrative doctor type. They both suck. Suck. Anyway, thru the rumor mill, these administrators have heard that I am interested in part time and have said this not feasible (to another md, not me). I was intending on discussing this idea w them at my review later this week- just saying that I want to hear options. But, now that everyone gossips so much, they heard already and are vetoing it.

I'm not sure how to approach my convo w them now.

I can't say this to them - but I will definitely be one of those awful moms that quits 1/2 way through my maternity leave (after using my sick time). I won't come back to this stressful job full time. But, quitting last minute really puts them in a bad position. It normally takes 4-6 months to find replacement NPs - and train them. It would hurt my patients and my doctor, who are the last people I want impacted. And I wouldn't be able to say goodbye to my patients, which would make me sooo sad

What would you do?

Thanks for reading this novel..