So. I had a bit of a scare while I was at work yesterday. I began having really bad cramps in my back...bad enough I wanted to take something. I had only been at work for about half an hour. I didn't think too much of it at first and worked through them for about an hour. When one of my other supervisors came on the floor I asked her what contractions felt like. I read that since I am 25 weeks I can start having braxton hicks. One she told me what they felt like I freaked and began timing them. They were about 15 minuets apart. Cramps that would come and go. I called a nurse in my doctors office and she didn't make me feel better.
She immeadiatly asked why I was at work and told me I was close to Preterm labor.
I was able to go home and lay down/ hydrate and that eased the contractions.
It was such a scary experience! I had been pretty active over the weekend and working through them made them worse. Now that I know what it is though I know to sit down and drink water.
Anyone else have an experience like this? Since this is my first pregnancy I have been really paranoid.