Overwhelmed by my options for genetic screening and need some help! My options are the FTS (blood sample and nuchal ultrasound), IPS (blood sample, nuchal, second blood sample), or NIPT prenatal test (Verifi or Harmony).

My nurse told me that most of her patients are no longer doing the IPS because even though it's more accurate than FTS, it takes longer for the results... whereas with the FTS, you can get the results faster, and if they are positive, you automatically are covered for the NIPT to verify. So really I'd say my decision is between FTS, or NIPT.

The NIPT is not covered by my insurance and is around $500. I am leaning towards it because of its high accuracy and simplicity (only one blood draw) and quick results. I feel that having information earlier is better, and that I'd also like to be confident that the results are as accurate as possible (rather than going through the anxiety of getting a positive result with FTS that might actually be false). I have no known factors/reasons to get NIPT (i.e. not over 35 or any history of down syndrome or other conditions). But I'm trying to consider what will make me feel the most reassured.

My question to YOU - which route did you go and why? Any experiences with NIPT tests, and if you chose one, were you happy you did? The idea of knowing the gender before 12 weeks is CRAZY to me, but also a bit of an incentive!

Any thoughts/advice welcome!