LO is almost 16 months. We have been visiting our families for about 1.5 weeks, and things are fine as long as one parent is with the grandparents. If i am alone with LO (with my in-laws) and i have to use the bathroom, she will just FLIP OUT. I left her for a couple of hours the other night to go out for a dinner (DH was not home) and except for the hour she spent eating, she was a crying mess.

If she and i are the only ones in the house, she is fine. But when my mom is home, she will just freak out. I dont know if it's because she thinks i am going to leave her at any time? I have to work a couple of days this week and wanted my mom to look after her (DH is on a short trip while we are visiting) but LO is making this a difficult situation!

Any tips on how i can get her to warm up to the grandparents? She is okay with them after a while, but usually towards the end of the day. This is really making me rethink visits here!!