Thanks so much for sending suggestions after my last post ( Since then, my HCG levels dropped to 0, all blood work came back normal, dye test (HSG) showed no blockage in the tubes, Dr gave the "all clear." So we TTC this month. I really thought I was out because I started taking tests around what I thought was 9-10 DPO and have kept getting negatives....UNTIL TODAY.

This morning, I took two different tests (expired Internet cheapie and a good FRER). Both came back positive! (I'm guessing I ovulated later this cycle than I thought I did -- no temping or OPKs -- and that's why the later +.)

SO....I contacted my Dr who said she'd order blood tests for next week and an early u/s in 2-3 weeks if the tests look good.

I'm so nervous to get too attached or excited for fear of another chemical or ectopic. The betas were a nightmare last time. Not sure how to feel about being pregnant now after going through 2 losses in the last year.