Has anyone else lost a significant amount of weight during pregnancy and, it had nothing to do with nausea and/or morning sickness? I'm 23 weeks and still losing weight

Back story: I was overweight when I got pregnant. To date I have lost 25lbs and it is not slowing down. I have no diabetes or history of thyroid issues (both were tested in first trimester and were normal).

I have had no nausea or morning sickness. I just have no appetite and when I try to eat, I can only get a few bites in... I feel almost like I've had bariatric surgery (but I haven't). Small meals & smoothies aren't helping.

I'm waiting on an OB consult as midwife is wondering what is going on.

Every other case I've heard about someone losing 20+lbs in pregnancy, they were usually 250lbs+ to begin with.

Has anyone else had this? Did everything turn out okay?

My family and friends are starting to give me weird looks because overtime they see me, my bump is growing but my body is shrinking.

*so far baby is doing great, no issues noted at the anatomy scan.

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