Just curious if anyone has dealt with this or has any ideas. Two year old suddenly started to have major constipation issues with no noticeable food changes. Still eats a lot of fruit. It was bad enough we had to do two suppositories in addition to pushing foods to help (she loves baby prunes and pears still, we are avoiding applesauce, she already doesn’t eat dairy, etc) and doing some miralax. That put us back to a reasonable place (still needs some help) but not back to normal - she used to go about once a day with no issue.

The only thing I can think of is a new food intolerance. She is allergic (like has an epipen) for eggs and milk but has always tolerated them baked in things like muffins. However, I think one of those foods also can cause constipation (in addition to allergic reactions) because she would have this awful foul constipation while purely EBF before we realized the allergy and I cut it from my diet. When I fixed my diet, it fixed her digestive issues.

I think I’m going to have to try a food diary but I’m overwhelmed at how to glean good data from that when she’s two and eating lots of foods.

Then again maybe it’s just teething or something!

Any experience appreciated!