I always see lots of questions for moms that have had more than 1 baby. I thought I would make a survey to try and get the questions in one place. Feel free to add any other questions

Compared to your first pregnancy, was the subsequent pregnancy easier/harder?

Did you have similar symptoms?

When did you start to show with #1 / How about with the next pregnancies?

If you found out the gender of #1/were team green with #1, did you do the same for the next?

Did you go into labor naturally with #1? What about the next time(s)?

How far along were you when you went into labor with #1? Did you go earlier/later with the next one?

Was your second labor longer or shorter?

Was it 'easier' in general? Harder?

How was recovery compared to the first time?

Did breastfeeding come easier?

What's the age difference between your babies?

Was it easier or harder then you thought it would be having a newborn with other kids at home?