I know this is a controversial topic, and I ask that people please keep it civil and respectful.

My DH and I are having our second, a boy, in August, and we both have kind of been debating about circumcision. Both of us don't really have strong feelings one way or the other, but we want to make an informed choice.

In no order, reasoning for getting it done: 1) the culture of where we live definitely trends towards being circumcised, 2) both my husband and I are more familiar with how to clean a circumcised penis, 3) mostly eliminates the risk that he might have to have it done when he's older due to issues (this might seem irrational but I'm terrified that he's going to be like 15 and have to have it done when it will be 10000x more painful for him).

Rebuttals to pro-reasoning: 1) what everyone else does has never had any bearing on my life before this, why THIS issue 2) we are adults capable of learning how to clean our child correctly 3) this is such a rare, one-off scenario, it is unlikely to happen to us

Reasons not to get it done: 1) any surgery, even regular ones, can go wrong 2) he'll be in pain no matter what

Rebuttals to con-reasoning: 1) this is a really common procedure, and complications are rare 2) he'll be in less pain as a newborn than he would be in otherwise.

Basically my DH has said he'll go with whatever I say, and I'm afraid of making the wrong decision. Please please please tell me your personal reasons for your choice(s) with your sons.