DD just started K and therefore we have just started a new morning routine and today DH said it's not working out for him... so I am curious what others do and how it works for you...

I work 730 a- 4 p
My commute is 45 m-1 hr
DH works 9 a-6 p
DH commute is 30-45 mins
DH has chiro apt 3 times a week at 8 am
DD is kinder w before and after care at her school 1 mile from home
DS is in home daycare, 5 mins from home
I tend to get up (late) at 6-615 a, I get ready/shower/etc and then I get DD up around 630 if she's not already up
I get DD to potty, brush teeth and get her dressed
I pick out clothes for DS (who is also usually up now)
I then get dressed and head downstairs
They usually follow for drinks so I get them drinks then they go back up to wait for DH to get ready
I then get DD's thermos drink ready for her lunch box, put it in her box and the icy pack if needed, if she's having a hot lunch I warm that and put it in her box
I place her lunch box and back pack (packed last night) together
then I put her breakfast in a baggy or whatever and place with her other items
Then I leave, usually 645-7 ish (usually running late)

The way I see it DH has to get DS dressed and then have both kids put on shoes and then leave....

As stated above Dh said this isn't working for him.. but I am at a loss as to what more I can do to make it easier for him.

I think the only solution would be to get DD up earlier and I drop her at daycare (she can be dropped as early as 630 am) but that makes her day longer, I don't really like that. So I'd have to get her up at 615 so we could leave at 630 so I could drop her by 645 and be on my way

Anyway I was just wondering what others mornings looked like and what else I could do to help DH but I guess I just answered it ^^^^