Expecting baby number 2 in a few weeks and we did not find out the sex this time. I just realized we will probably need to make a decision about circumcision in the hospital if we have a boy. My husband does not have strong feelings about it either way so I need to research a little and make a decision. We do not care about a boy 'looking like his father' so that is not a factor for us at all. There is also no religious reason we would have to do it.

I am reading conflicting information about health benefits. Some say it reduces the risk of certain STD's and cancers but those are rare. Others say it reduces nerve endings and can reduce sexual satisfaction later in life. I am not sure how I feel about inflicting pain on a baby.

I am curious, how did you make the decision and what was your reasoning? If you did it, would you do it again? Was it a joint decision or did your husband/partner decide?

Thanks for any input on the matter!