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The Circumcision Decision

  1. ShootingStar

    coconut / 8472 posts

    I had a very tough time deciding what to do in regards to circumcision. DH felt strongly that we should do it. He is and it's all he knows. He also felt that he would have no idea how to help our son maintain hygiene or anything else regarding it since he has no experience with being uncirc'd. He also worried that if there were issues with the foreskin later in later in life it would be much more difficult and painful to take care of.

    I come from a religious background where it's unheard of not to, and I live in an area where I think most men are. But it was really hard for me to think about cutting off a piece of our perfect baby boy.

    In the end I went along with what DH wanted. The procedure was fast and it healed quickly. I don't regret having it done, now that it's all over. But if I hadn't gotten it done, i probably wouldn't regret that either.

  2. travelgirl1

    cantaloupe / 6630 posts

    I don't think DH and I have the right to make permanent changes to our child's body (that in my opinion are purely for aesthetical reasons, not to improve their health), but then it's not done in the UK aside from religious reasons anyway so it's not even an issue we'd discuss.

  3. Jenn23

    persimmon / 1085 posts

    @pui: Agree with everything you said.

    My husband isn't and his culture doesn't circumcise, but I was against it for my own reasons before I even met my husband. So for us, it was an easy decision.

    I don't think I have the right to change any body parts on another human, baby or not, without their permission. Further, I don't see any benefits. I feel that our bodies were made the way they were for a reason.

  4. Raindrop

    grapefruit / 4731 posts

    We had it done... no regrets.

    I do want to make some notes that the doctor that circumcised our son told us.

    1. Circumcision is a lot riskier as an adult and takes longer to heal and in general more of a hassle.

    As a baby their weewee heals in about 4-7 days and it's basically a bad blister you just need to put Vaseline constantly on till it goes away.

    2. If you choose to circumcise one boy you should commit to do it to all your boys.

    This doctor had a case where the parents did it to their first born but then decided not to do it to their second born. Their second born took that as they didn't love him as much as! He was in such emotional stress over finding out that his brother was circumcised and he wasn't that in his early 20s he decided to get circumcised... and again a lot riskier as an adult.

    This is definitely a personal choice I just wanted to tell you what our doctor told us. Good luck!

  5. Sparkler

    kiwi / 548 posts

    It seems to me that most men who are circumcised themselves, choose to circumcise their sons, and that is the end of their "research" (unless you frequent sites like this!). Over half of Americans choose to do and a bit less than half of Americans do not. I don't have a strong opinion either way, but I don't think people should be judged either way.


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