How do you feel about doing a gender reveal AT the baby shower?

Here’s the thought behind it: from reading on these boards and elsewhere on the internet, it seems like most people who reveal the gender before the shower tend to get a lot less of their registry, as guests will just buy what they want. I was at a shower a few years ago where everyone knew she was having a girl, and she got almost nothing but infant dresses that her daughter outgrew before she could wear them all. Alternatively, if you’re “team green,” people tend to stick to the registry because buying gender-neutral things (especially clothes) is more limiting and less fun for guests.

We’re definitely not “team green” though. We intend to paint the nursery a gender-specific color and buy gender-specific clothes, and I’m just not the kind of person who likes to be surprised in general. This is the first grandbaby on all sides, so we know our parents are going to go crazy and buy way more clothes than we’ll need before and after the birth anyways.

So, this is where the idea of revealing the gender at the shower comes into play. We could do something like cutting into a pink or blue cake or releasing pink or blue balloons as one of the first events (in lieu of a typical shower game.) Guests won’t know in advance and won’t go crazy buying girl or boy clothes (which would just make us feel guilty when we couldn’t use them all.) I’m sure some people will still go off-registry, but hopefully it would be a lot less.

I’ve read that a lot of people don’t like gender reveal parties when they’re in addition to a shower because they don’t want to attend two events (unless it’s just for immediate family, or there is no additional baby shower), but this wouldn’t be an extra event at all.

How would you feel as a guest at a baby shower that included the gender reveal? Would you feel limited by having to stick to the registry and/or gender-neutral gifts? Would you like the idea of a gender reveal instead of a typical shower game? Would you be annoyed by the “we know but we’re not telling yet” aspect? Would you not care at all?