I feel so bad. When my daughter was born she was the center of my universe. Now I have a newborn and it is soooo hard raising him with as much love and attention while still being totally present for her. I seriously lost it today when he was screaming to be breastfed and she was supposed to be having independent quiet time. I literally watched her work herself into a tantrum to compete with his hunger cries and I just yelled "stop it!", which set her off for reals. I tried to explain he needed mommy and I need her to be a good big sister, but finally just left the room to feed my poor newborn. My DD eventually quieted down so I got to BF for 10 minutes before calling down that she wanted quiet time to be over. I lugged the semi-asleep and content newborn up to her room so we can lay in bed for her so she'll nap, waking him completely in the process. Now I'm Bfing in her bed with her hugging my arm and me sternly telling her to close her eyes and take a nap. She finally fell asleep. He fell asleep. I had a coffee. But I feel soo guilty about being so stern with her. She's only 3. I'm afraid she's going to hate me and I'm going to be a mean mommy.