DH's best friend (and DS1's godfather) is getting married this summer but the timing is pretty terrible. The wedding is on the opposite side of the country and the Saturday before school starts. Kids are invited and I'm sure the groom wants DS1 there since they have a special bond, though I'm not sure how strongly he wants them there (will have to ask) We can make it back on the Sun between the wedding and the first day of school, but that'll be stressful and right now that flight is super $$$. Other important info is that both sets of grandparents are local, DS1 will be going into 1st grade, and we'll also have a 4 month old. So I think our choices are:

1) Whole family goes and comes back the day after the wedding. We have to skip orientation, but DS is there for the first day of school. Right now the flights for 4 would come to 2400.

2) Just DH, baby and I go. DS1 and DS2 stay with grandparents who handle orientation and the first few days of school. DH and I come back on a more convenient day after school starts. Currently coming back on the Tues after school would cost ~$700 total for 2 tickets.

3) Whole family goes and we just miss a day or two of school in addition to orientation. ~1400 for 4 tickets.

So what would you do? Any other option I'm not seeing?