How much weight did you gain in your first trimester? I'm 10w4d and I've put on about 9 lbs in a month/pre-pregnancy. I'm kinda freaking out! My OB wasn't concerned, although she did recognize it was a lot. She said she didn't think it would keep up at that rate. She said I just might be one of those women who needs 35 lbs.

I'm pretty slight, but definitely not underweight (125 lbs 5'6"). But maybe my body needed extra fat anyway?

I've been exercising and eating healthy (I'm not binging on stuff just because I'm pregnant!) but I have been STARVING at night. I'll eat a lot before I go to bed (typically - oatmeal or cereal, yogurt, glass of milk, slice of cheese, banana and spoon of PB) and wake up hungry a few times to eat a banana or piece of cheese or yogurt or something.

What's your experience been? I'm worried about gaining weight too quickly and putting myself at risk for GD. But I don't want to freak out either and just let my body do what it needs.