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  • poll: What do you think about asking for a book instead of a card?
    Tacky/presumptuous : (32 votes)
    23 %
    Resourceful/good idea : (109 votes)
    77 %
  1. MrsBananaGrabber

    apricot / 309 posts

    I'm curious- for those who said that you're against anything that dictates how a guest spends money or asking for specific gifts- are you also against gift registries?

  2. Mrs. Lemon-Lime

    wonderful pea / 17279 posts

    @meredithNYC: @MamiMami: you two weren't the only ones that mentioned a dislike for this, but for reply purposes you're it. LoL I get what you mean it's like asking for two gifts. Here's my expanded thoughts.

    First, if someone doesn't put the baby registry info on the shower invite then the book request isn't so bad. Guests can easily Google the parents name and fine the registry. Second, I find the book request no different than people specifically asking for diapers and wipes when it comes to dad showers or diaper raffles at mom showers, which you may disagree with too. I don't participate in those at all. Third, I like how BabyList let's you register for books in general- used/ new, so a couple using that registry could skip the invite request aktigether. Fourth, when it comes to stuff like this my agreement with it boils down to the approach. Cutesy rhymes and assumptions are a turn off. I much rather get a straightforward request.

  3. looch

    wonderful pear / 26210 posts

    I don't buy cards anymore, instead, I do a sticker on the package, since cards always seem to become separated from the package. Or, I write to/from on the gift tag that comes with the bag.

    But, my standard gift for almost any occasion is a book with a gift card.

  4. meredithNYC

    pomegranate / 3314 posts

    @Mrs. Lemon-Lime: I get it - I'm just old-school, etiquette-wise. And I know that my style of things is increasingly outdated, but I can't help it. My grandmother and mother had strong ideas about these things and they have stuck with me. Curmudgeon for life over here, lol.

  5. meredithNYC

    pomegranate / 3314 posts

    @MrsBananaGrabber: No, but I AM against including registry information on/with an invitation.

  6. Alivoo01

    wonderful olive / 19353 posts

    @Peasinapod: My hosts requested guests write messages inside the book to DS if they wish to. Lots did and that's cool too so we have a way of knowing who gifted what book, but also DS can read the loving messages from his gifter when he's older. I think it's sweet.

  7. Dandelion

    watermelon / 14206 posts

    The idea of a baby shower is to give gifts, so I see no problem in requesting books instead of cards. I'd rather do that, anyways!

  8. Chillybear

    pomegranate / 3032 posts

    I agree with the previous poster, I hate buying cards and i think they are so expensive. i would rather buy a book and write a cute message any day. However, I do think that most people dont see it that way and would (should) take it from the cost of the gift. I can only speak from my experience and the showers I've been to that most of my friends family would normally do a gift from the registry and a cute little outfit. Since the popularity of the Book as card showers I've been too I see more gift and book, not gift, outfit, and book. For the most part i think thats fine, but i know that after my own shower my LO had a full library and zero clothes. I didnt mind though because then I got to go pick out outfits that I loved with GCs i received.

  9. Anya

    nectarine / 2784 posts

    I wouldnt think too much of it if I received an invitation like this, but I wouldn't want someone to do it on my behalf. The host of my wedding shower did something similar (without my knowledge) and it made me sort of uncomfortable when I found out. I feel like books are a pretty typical baby gift anyway? I received a lot of books for my LO's library, many with sweet messages written inside, and I have done the same for most children that I know.

    To all those who said you would much prefer gifting a book than a card, wouldn't you just do so? Or do you feel that it's not something you would do unless specifically prompted by the invitation.

  10. Anya

    nectarine / 2784 posts

    @mamimami: lol!

  11. 2littlepumpkins

    grapefruit / 4455 posts

    @Mrs. Lemon-Lime: as someone who feels a little mixed feelings about specific gift requests I totally agree with you on the straightforward requests- the cutest rhyming thing would get an eye roll but a straightforward request would probably just get them a book.

  12. Keybee

    kiwi / 735 posts

    I would love to get books for my baby shower. I have yet been to one that asked. I also feel like it's hard to ask that of your guests, but I think there are some pretty cheap board books and paper backs. Go for it!

  13. littlejoy

    pomegranate / 3375 posts

    @Peasinapod: We just use a pen or marker and write on the book ... My dd has a bunch like this from when she was born, and I LOVE seeing the notes as I read.


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