I am expecting my first baby in December, and now that we've gotten the big things squared away (car seat/crib/etc), I started to realize I have no idea what clothes we need!

I have some things from gifts and one set of hand me downs. I have more clothes in the above 3 month sizes too, but thought I'd start just with the newborn and 0-3 month.

This is what we have now:

- 2 sleep and plays
- 2 sleep gowns

0-3 months:
- 24 short sleeve onesies (these are a mix of brands, some look much smaller than others, so maybe those can be used in nb stage?)
- 3 long sleeve onesies
- 2 pants
- 2 dresses
- 3 sweaters
- 2 sleep gowns

I know I need to fill out the stash. What else would you get? She will be a winter baby, but we live in a warm climate, so the coldest it will get is about 40 degrees, so heavy coats/etc aren't needed.