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Why a Second Child?

  1. wrkbrk

    pomelo / 5084 posts

    @lawbee11: Loved reading your perspective! I hope it's like this for us as DS grows older!
    @JENNZMT: Agree! Social pressure keeps a lot of people quiet - I've found that to be anecdotally true.

  2. lawbee11

    GOLD / watermelon / 14076 posts

    @wrkbrk: It's so fun and just keeps getting better and better! There have actually been many times recently where I've stopped and thought, "how would this even work with two kids?" Like Mother's day tea at her school...would I be going back and forth between classes? Or weekend soccer games...would DH and I split up and each take one kid? Or be racing from one game to the next? I mean with a toddler and an infant I'm sure it's hard because they're both still so needy but I feel like it gets even more complicated as they get older.

  3. wrkbrk

    pomelo / 5084 posts

    @lawbee11: Totally! Just noticed your username - I am a lawyer, too. Not to derail this thread but there are many MANY days I sit at work thinking, how do people do this with multiple children?? Now obviously it can be done, but I find just the one quite challenging. LOL.

  4. lawbee11

    GOLD / watermelon / 14076 posts

    @wrkbrk: Yes! And DH and I both have non-traditional legal jobs with a good amount of flexibility (him moreso than me). But we're in such a good groove and have a great balance of family time, couple time, and alone time. And yeah, it can definitely be done because I know people with even more than two kids who do it and do it well! I just feel like I wouldn't be one of those people lol.

  5. FliegepilzHut

    pomegranate / 3533 posts

    @lawbee11: Thank you for the good thoughts! Great perspective.

  6. FliegepilzHut

    pomegranate / 3533 posts

    @themrsgoff: The infertility angle is a real drag, isn't it... Wishing you the best of luck going forward!

  7. FliegepilzHut

    pomegranate / 3533 posts


  8. FliegepilzHut

    pomegranate / 3533 posts

    @babycanuck: It's all hard...

  9. FliegepilzHut

    pomegranate / 3533 posts


  10. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25556 posts

    I love that this thread.I love reading about people who have stuck with the 1 and done and people who have fallen off the wagon to have another.

  11. Littlebit7

    nectarine / 2243 posts

    We struggled with this for about 6 months last year and into this year. I was so torn. 50% of me loved the life we had, loved the phase LO was at, didn't want to go through the baby phase again, we'd need to move, kids in NYC are expensive (I know they are expensive everywhere but housing costs really kills you here). We had started to travel again and really get back into our groove. But the other half of me wanted a sibling for LO. A part of me felt our family wouldn't be complete. No one we knew who was an only child recommend it (ouch). I was reaching AMA so I knew my clock was ticking. DH honestly, bless his heart, would have been fine with whatever choice I made (we made). But ultimately we decided to just try it; his comment that stuck with me was 5 years from now, would we regret that we didn't try. And I had to acknowledge that yes, I would regret not trying.
    So we both went into it with the mindset of "ok, a second isn't crucial. It would be icing on the cake. We won't go to any extreme lengths. Let's just see how it goes"

    So now I'm barely pregnant with #2 and honestly I still have some trepidation. Did we make the right choice? But honestly I felt the same with number one! But I trust and know that the new one will create a new normal with our family, full of joy and challenges and love. So we'll see what happens and if this baby decides to stick.


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