My college friends (like 25 of us grownups) have an annual Friendsgiving coming up. One of my friends also expressed desire to have a baby shower for #2 around that time. Most of us aren’t local and can’t travel twice so I suggested doing it at Friendsgiving. Now I can’t figure out how to do it. The party will be casual with lots of kids, traditional thanksgiving food, and beer. No set start or end time.

The expecting friend has been having an anxious and uncomfortable pregnancy and I think she sees this as a way to lift her spirits rather than a gift grab.

How do I pitch it to my friends? Is it weird to send invites to an event they’re already attending? Especially one that changes the focus of the party? Just send an email saying we’ll celebrate the mom to be while we’re all together?

Any ideas of food or activities that would blend between baby shower and Friendsgiving?