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Workout Motivation - Jan. 4th

  1. Mamaof2

    squash / 13208 posts

    @irene: I just finished Hammer and Chisel and loved it!! I forgot to take my pics and measurements this morning - will do that tomorrow!

    I find on weekends I have been slacking with food choices and then Monday back at work I do better - #1 reason I could never be a WAHM or a SAHM - I would eat crap all day

    what kind of workouts are you looking for?

  2. irene

    nectarine / 2964 posts

    @Mamaof2: Hey! Good to hear that all is going good! Hammer and Chisel is a 30 day thing?

    I want something that is fun and that burn a lot of calories (duh hahaha) so I can eat I personally prefer cardio over weight lifting, but it really depends. I like my friend suggesting me on this "dance" dvd (I don't have the name in front of me right now) also by beachbody. I really want something that burn calories though because if after 30 minutes I see that I only burn 50 calories on my fitbit I would lose interest and not want to wake up in the morning to do it. You know what I mean? That is also the reason why I am slipping on the yoga and pilate days on 21 day fix because it is "restorative".

    Hammer and Chisel scares me because of all the extra gear, I really don't want to buy more junk to fill up my limited attic space!

    ETA: By the way it is so weird... nowadays I do the same work out sometimes I burn 50 calories less than what I used to. I dunno if my fitbit is breaking or what's going on.... I am still sweating like a pig!

  3. Mamaof2

    squash / 13208 posts

    @irene: I think that's Cize!
    Hammer and Chisel was 60 days

    Beach body has a new program coming out in March called 22 Minute hard corps - it comes with a sandbag

  4. 808love

    pomelo / 5866 posts

    Hi! I'm so out of it. I couldn't transition out of T25 so I'm just starting Beta again so I'm consistent. I pretty much took off most of February (and didn't want to take any pics!!) so here it is March and I'm doing the food journal again. I packed my lunch ahead and I'm back on it.

    Great job on HM @mamaof2:

  5. Mamaof2

    squash / 13208 posts

    @808love: thank you! Packing lunch is a great way to stay on track

  6. 808love

    pomelo / 5866 posts

    @Mamaof2: LOL! Must be thinking of H &M. But you know what I meant. H/C SEriously, an accomplishment!

  7. HappyBaker

    nectarine / 2242 posts

    Joining super late but finally motivated...only took me 2 months haha

    I've struggled for a really long time to find a workout routine I like enough to stick to and also find time to squeeze it in. I think I've finally found it in Pure Barre! A studio just opened like 10 minutes from my house, and they had a free open house week a few weeks ago that I dragged a bunch of friends to because I was nervous about looking stupid alone haha. I absolutely loved it and signed up for their 5 week new client deal, and I've gone NINE times in the past two weeks. That is seriously unheard of for me!

  8. Mamaof2

    squash / 13208 posts

    @HappyBaker: that's awesome!! We have a Barre place near me I have been thinking about trying out as well!

  9. 808love

    pomelo / 5866 posts

    @HappyBaker: Is that ballet focused? Awesome!! A long time ago, I used to do a workout video called New York Ballet (I think Sarah Jessica Parker did the intro) and it was amazing. I didn't like the second video too much but the first one rocked my world.

  10. QueensBee

    pear / 1718 posts

    Hi everyone! Can I join in on this thread, a little late?

    I gave birth to LO2 on January 8th. I'm 8 weeks PP today and at a weightloss plateau, even though I still have 20 pounds to lose! I'm seeing a trainer once a week and attempting to follow the "Train with Tanya" app, which has short HIIT workouts that I can do at home.

    I do pretty well with food choices during the day and then binge after 7pm. I'm also terrible about tracking my calories. Does anyone have a calorie tracking app that they love? I've used LiveStrong and MyFitnessPal but find them slightly tedious.

    Hoping I can be motivated to go get my workout in right now!

  11. 808love

    pomelo / 5866 posts

    @QueensBee: Have you used My Fitness Pal on your smartphone? I like it so much more than the desktop version.

  12. 808love

    pomelo / 5866 posts

    How is everyone doing? I am back on the workout wagon again this week. I read something on yo-yo workouts (on and off again) and it really motivated me to stay steady to my routine. I also noticed I think much more creatively during the day when I have workouts in my routine.

  13. Mamaof2

    squash / 13208 posts

    @808love: I saw this a few weeks ago and thought it was interesting!

  14. Mamaof2

    squash / 13208 posts

    So I have to post this!

    I am starting to get muscles in my back! That is all the motivation I need to keep on going!!

  15. 808love

    pomelo / 5866 posts

    @Mamaof2: cheehoo!! Thanks for motivating me X 2. You look awesome!!

    LO can recite different lines of the T25 program by heart! Lol!

  16. Mamaof2

    squash / 13208 posts

    @808love: Thanks!

    Haha - my 5yr year old walks around saying "Beachbody"

  17. 808love

    pomelo / 5866 posts

    @Mamaof2: Seriously going to do Hammer and Chisel. How did you add cardio? It is mostly strength, right?
    (LOL! I have a five year old too!)

  18. Mamaof2

    squash / 13208 posts

    @808love: There is cardio! Cardio Agility is a favorite of mine!

    Also there is a bonus workout called The Masters Cardio - I did that instead of the Plyo workouts because jumping kills my knees!

  19. 808love

    pomelo / 5866 posts

    @Mamaof2: Girl!! DH and I started Day 1 of Hammer and Chisel yesterday! We did the Monday start on a Wednesday so we will do Master's Cardio today. Totally pumped! I've started eating way healthier (think kale: super salads for lunch). Change is such a slow process. I think I was patient enough with myself not to get discouraged and am still making progress. How have your workouts been? I just saw that you met DH in the gym. No wonder you are so hard core!!

  20. Mamaof2

    squash / 13208 posts

    @808love: yay!!! I hope you love it! I did 30 days of chisel and then slacked off - oops!

    I am trying to decide if I should do 21DF or PiYo next.....

  21. 808love

    pomelo / 5866 posts

    @Mamaof2: We ended up doing Chisel Cardio just now since I don't seem to have Master's Cardio in my eBay set. Ah well. I wonder how important it is to do everything in order. I feel great I'm finally doing it and I just know it's going to show results if I stick to it. The idea that it is 'only 60 days' is motivating. 21 DF is just ok in my opinion. That's the one I'm doing with my work group. I just find it 'dry'. It's fun when I do it in a group so we can chat while we do it.

  22. Mamaof2

    squash / 13208 posts

    @808love: bummer - masters cardio is great on the days you need a quick workout - its only 16 mins!


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