I have an upcoming business trip in two weeks that I've been dreading. It falls at 9 weeks. It's two days of travel (5 hour flights and three hours of driving) and one day of working in a production plant. Normally none of this would phase me but I am exhausted and worrying about feeling worse. I'm worried that if I take the unisom I need not to vomit I'll be too tired to work and drive. If I don't I may be too sick to work. I felt really terrible at 9 weeks with my last pregnancy. Anything I ate made me dizzy because all the blood went to my stomach.

Then there's the whole purpose of the trip. To taste products that pregnant women can't eat. That's the whole focus of my job right now. I've been spitting which I think is acceptable but I don't know how he will feel. This has been my strategy so far.

I really don't want to tell the boss before I've seen a heartbeat but that will be just a few days before the trip. I'm leaning towards telling. Do I mention the early pregnancy symptom concerns or just the tasting concerns and my planned modifications.