Ok so my husband has been working with his current company for almost a year now. He just got an amazing job offer with a hefty raise, better health insurance, and 2 minutes from our house as opposed to 30-40. He has worked his butt off at his current job, working like 60 hrs a week and never really calling in except once with food poisioning, and our wedding day (Ya... don't get me started). Anyways, he has Thanksgiving and black friday off, and is putting in his 2 weeks notice today. Would you ever call in during your two weeks notice? I want him to call off tomorrow to help me clean the house for when his friend comes to stay for this weekend. Hes hesitant.

Oh and he doesn't need a reference for his current job for the new job. And this new job will be his career for the rest of his life unless he gets maimed or something.