DH and I are blessed to have the most.supportive.families.ever (parents and siblings). We love them all dearly, and they have known about all 3 losses as well as our IF journey. We told them all very early when we got our BFP because we believed (and did) we would need their support in addition to knowing they would be ecstatic.
Their "support" also got extremely stressful going through the miscarriages. The day of each appointment, we'd hear from all of them, telling us how they were thinking of us. If we didn't call ALL of them within 30 min of getting out of the appointment, we'd get bombarded with texts, emails, phone calls. They all had questions and wanted to share their opinions. Maybe I'm sounding ungrateful and I'm sure that knowing we were losing the babies from early on didn't help, but it made the process so much worse.
Now that we got our 4th BFP in a matter of months, I imagine it's only going to start again...but worse because everyone wants this so badly for us. Every phone call is: "call me as soon as you're done...what did they say, then what? then what?" I'm so so thankful to have them cheering us on and I want to share this experience with them so much. I know they share our joy and worry and sorrow, but it's just so hard to process things yourself and also have to handle everyone else's reaction to the news (and of course whose mom you called first because THAT became an issue between the two moms).
DH and I thought about keeping this quiet at least til we see a heartbeat but I think they will also be sad that we'll be sitting with our news for a solid 3 weeks (please let me stay pregnant at least that long!) We can't exactly say - hey we're pregnant, say lots of prayers but don't talk to us! I think they'd be offended if I didn't tell them when appointments were.
Thank you in advance for any thoughts/suggestions!