I was wondering how many mommies were out there with 12 or 13 month olds? How are your babies/pre-toddlers doing, and what are your Hi's and Lo's?

For us: Hi's - LO is getting smarter which was a relief to us (kidding, kind of). Since he is our first boy (we have a 4yr old DD), we have to remind ourselves that girls and boys are different! He loves to wear shoes and will patiently wait for us to put them on him, and he knows where to go get them when it's time to go. He is very coordinated and loves bouncing a baby basketball and "working" at his Montessori day care. He has a few words, but not many (compared to our DD who had quite a few).

Lo's: LO is not a sweet baby any more but a cranky pre-toddler. He throws lots of tantrums and is constantly teething. We have had 2 bouts with Hand-Foot-Mouth (from day care presumably) which has been rough. We are waking up again at night.