I looked back and the last pregnancy after loss board fizzled several months ago, so I didn't want to revive that one.

And I'm finding that pregnancy after a 2nd tri loss is VERY different than pregnancy after an early MC.

Anyone else want to commiserate (or offer advice if you've survived this!)?

I had a *really* tough weekend. There was a Mass for our daughter yesterday, so I was already in a funk about missing her and grieving her.

Then I told my brother's kids I'm pregnant. As soon as I told her, my 9 year old niece looked me in the eye and with a straight face said, "Do you promise?" (cue tears)

I feel guilty when get too sad about Gigi because I know I need to cherish this time with the new baby. But I feel guilty if I get too happy about the new baby, because I still miss and grieve for Gigi.

I'm hesitant to tell some people, because I know they'll expect me to be all excited and over the moon...but they can't possibly understand how incredibly scary and anxiety-inducing pregnancy is for me now.

But I also want to tell everyone ASAP because I want them to know this baby exists no matter the outcome. I feel bad that most people only knew about Gigi for a couple weeks before she died.

Anyone else in this situation need to commiserate?