Hey all.... so I am not a dieter and I don't have time to work out but I've really let myself go after having lo2 (feb 2017) so yeah.... I was giving myself a pass bc LO2 wasn't sleeping through the night but just recently he has started to more often and I feel like I need to get some focus back on myself and I'd really like to lose 5-10 lbs to start.

Soooooo anyone else want to join? I'm not going to be all about posting crazy work outs or diets (nothing wrong with those things though.... )

The few things I am going to do are:

1. reduce my mt dew intake.. yes this is my NUMBER one problem and I admit it. I am planning to cut it to 1-2 cans a day and I might even venture into the diet variety (eek)

2. don't eat out for lunch every day at work. I bought 3 healthy choice meals for lunches this week. So instead of eating out 5 times I will only eat out 2 times. ( OF COURSE THEY ARE SITTING IN MY FREEZER RIGHT NOW)

3. walk twice while at work. once in the morning and once in the afternoon.. just a 15-20 min walk twice a day

Jump in and post a plan or a not plan or come here for support or support me or whatever....

Let's lose a few lbs