I am kind of wondering what my prognosis will be. I have my first doctor's appt tomorrow and i know they will have to do something about my high blood pressure.

For several years I was on coversyl and just before i got pregnant, my doctor supposedly switched me to a "safe" medication for pregnancy. I was relieved about this when i got pregnant since i had not even been planning to get pregnant. She just switched me because i was married and "just in case"!

I had been on it for 3 weeks when i got my BFP, and was happy to know i had switched....but i decided to google it to be extra sure and every website i came to said this new medication i was on was NOT good to be on while pregnant!!!! i totally freaked out. I was planning to go to the clinic in the next few days to confirm my pregnancy via blood test so i decided to stop taking it for the next few days as i was just too scared.

So at the clinic they took my blood pressure and said, despite not being on medication, it was normal - the doctor there said it was likely due to my increased progesterone and i would be ok on no medication for a few weeks at least until i saw the OB. And she also said that the other "safe" meds my other doctor had given was not good to be on and not to take it!

So now i am finally going to my first OB appt tomorrow and i guess i will find out if i need to be on meds and hopefully THIS doctor will put me on the right kind.

I just want to know if anyone else has had to deal with high blood pressure while pregnant and what meds you were put on or switched to?