OK, so a little back story is that DH and I both come from divorced families. Meaning we have 4 Moms 4 Dads and about a million grandparents who are excited and wanting to be involved in the joy of our first child. This is my DH's families first grandbaby and is the first girl on my Moms side so the anticipation is intense!

Our families each have histories of not getting along so naturally we both feel a bit on edge for events like our wedding and now this baby shower. Was it a surprise for many of you bees or were you included in the planning?

For mine, I know the date and location and that we will have pizza served and other items at a really nice italian restaurant. (not pizza hut) but beyond that will no be involved in the planning. I requested something rather informal and am happy with the general theme of what is being planned.

I guess Im just feeling....guilty? My sister had a baby last year and there was tons of drama (caused by my mom) for her shower and Im just kinda mentally freaking out that mine is going smoothly and am worried about my sisters impending jealousy about everything and potential fights as a result. Basically, my mother didnt include my step mom or Dad in my sisters shower but now is saying sice my wedding its all water under the bridge and everyone is included in mine. My sister has already vened anger about this whole situation. She is also currently pregnant with her second baby 4 weeks behind me (this has also been drama filled).

Ugh Im rambling....anyone else have feelings like this for their shower or ig family events???