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August 2015 Mamas - Nurseries!

  1. getjazzy

    persimmon / 1179 posts

    @MissLace: Love that!

  2. Torchwood

    pomelo / 5607 posts

    @MissLace: I love it! Our nursery will be very cosy, but the one thing I don't love is that there's not much bright color to it. I made an afghan already to counter that a bit, and I'm going to try to do some more little things to help. Kinda jealous of your brightness!

  3. Mrs. Microscope

    pear / 1788 posts

    @MissLace: how cute! I love it!

  4. MrsStar

    nectarine / 2994 posts

    We put up the wall decals in the baby's room over the weekend - we're doing an animal theme. Just need to get some curtains and some cute storage boxes and then her room will basically be done!

  5. Torchwood

    pomelo / 5607 posts

    @MrsStar: Those are so cute! Where are they from?

  6. MrsStar

    nectarine / 2994 posts

    @Torchwood: Got them online on an ebay type website here in NZ

  7. Torchwood

    pomelo / 5607 posts

    @MrsStar: Jealous!

  8. buttermilk

    nectarine / 2086 posts

    Crib arrived today so of course I insisted we put it together immediately, haha. Thankfully it was very simple! Sitting in the rocking chair now imagining our little baby in the crib in less than FOUR MONTHS!!

  9. OhCaptain

    kiwi / 696 posts

    @buttermilk: love the simple lines on that crib!

  10. LauraBear

    cherry / 215 posts

    @buttermilk: love that crib!!!

  11. buttermilk

    nectarine / 2086 posts

    @OhCaptain: @LauraBear: thank you!!! I'm so happy with it. Picked out some of the crib sheets, mobile & wall art yesterday too. So excited to decorate!

  12. LauraBear

    cherry / 215 posts

    I went on a nesting bender after our 24/25 week OB appt last week and bought the crib and glider! (Well, my mom bought the glider for us We decided to do some cheaper options but I love them. Still haven't decided on the layout yet so I've been fiddling around with it. South American map was the first thing we bought - DH and I did a 9 month backpacking trip down there during our second year of marriage and can't wait to share the stories of it with the baby!

  13. Mrs. J

    pomelo / 5132 posts

    @LauraBear: So cute! We love our Jenny Lind crib.

  14. Torchwood

    pomelo / 5607 posts

    @LauraBear: Love it! And the dog

  15. LauraBear

    cherry / 215 posts

    @mrs. j: glad to hear you love it! i had a cherry wood jenny lind as a baby so it's fun. did you just use the metal spring frame that came with it or did you request a different one? my sister said there was an amazon review about how the spring frame w/moveable arms is dangerous?

    @torchwood: thanks!! dog is excited about new little bro - okay, he's totally clueless!

  16. Mrs. J

    pomelo / 5132 posts

    @LauraBear: we didn't change anything except to not put the wheels on! It's been very sturdy for 18 months!

  17. LauraBear

    cherry / 215 posts

    @Mrs. J: good to know! thanks

  18. Ms. RV

    pear / 1930 posts

    One wall of the baby's room is done (sort of.. still need the mattress!). Glider and dresser were ordered over the weekend.

  19. Torchwood

    pomelo / 5607 posts

    @Ms. RV: I love those colors!

    Guess I better get hopping when I get home to get everything finished up. But it'll be nice to have something to do.

  20. MrsStar

    nectarine / 2994 posts

    @Ms. RV: I love that wall color!

  21. LauraBear

    cherry / 215 posts

    @Ms. RV: those porcupines are the cutest!!!

    Here's our updated nursery after a wonderful visit from my sweet mom! We were nesting fiends. It has a few themes - sailboats, anchors, animals, and south america... haha but I love it. I feel kind of silly that we still have 9 weeks to go until the due date, but this room makes me so happy!!

  22. lady baltimore

    persimmon / 1196 posts

    @buttermilk: Can I ask where you got your crib? I have a weird crib aversion, but I really like the look of that one!

  23. Portboston

    persimmon / 1281 posts

    @LauraBear: That's super cute!!!!! We had ours pretty much done like 2 months ago...its nice to get it all out of the way

    Here is ours...since I took this picture we got a changing pad for the dresser and have a sheet on the mattress. Im still waiting on my husband to make a name banner pennant for above the crib...he is a procrastinator!

  24. getjazzy

    persimmon / 1179 posts

    @Ms. RV: Gorgeous, and smart thinking on covering the rails, my LO chomped ours before we got around to covering them up.

  25. getjazzy

    persimmon / 1179 posts

    @LauraBear: @Portboston: Looks great guys!!

  26. LauraBear

    cherry / 215 posts

    @Portboston: Thanks Yours is so cute! Have serious glider envy of your west elm glider!! Looks great in there!

    @getjazzy: Thanks!!!

  27. raspberries

    pear / 1955 posts

    @LauraBear: @Ms. RV: Awww, so cute!

    @Portboston: I'm impressed by how perfectly your pouf and wall paint match

  28. Portboston

    persimmon / 1281 posts

    @getjazzy: Thank you!
    @LauraBear: It was our one major splurge....I was drooling over it for months before my DH agreed to spend the money!!!!

  29. Portboston

    persimmon / 1281 posts

    @raspberries: hahah thank you! It totally wasn't planned but worked out great!

  30. buttermilk

    nectarine / 2086 posts

    @lady baltimore: hi! It's made by Kalon studios. Their caravan crib.

  31. lady baltimore

    persimmon / 1196 posts

    @buttermilk: Thanks!

  32. getjazzy

    persimmon / 1179 posts

    This is pics from when it was set up for our first (we were team green). I've since added a pink shag area rug and a couple of other pink accents but the main design is the same.

  33. getjazzy

    persimmon / 1179 posts

    Would help if I included the photos lol.

  34. buttermilk

    nectarine / 2086 posts

    Here's a preview of our work in progress. Still need some things but it's coming along!

  35. getjazzy

    persimmon / 1179 posts

    @buttermilk: Smart thinking with the ikea trolley for diaper products! Looks great!

  36. Ms. RV

    pear / 1930 posts

    @LauraBear: I love the alphabet over the crib. Did you buy it or craft it?

    @Portboston: I really like your two tone walls!

    @getjazzy: Big fan of the owls. I wanted owls but OH's brother is obsessed with them (even has owl tattoes) so that got vetoed

  37. buttermilk

    nectarine / 2086 posts

    @getjazzy: thanks! gotta love ikea

  38. MrsADS

    nectarine / 2262 posts

    So jealous of everyone's cute nurseries. Our "nursery" is still the guest bedroom. We haven't even started. Supposedly DH is going to move the bed and paint this weekend, we'll see.

  39. getjazzy

    persimmon / 1179 posts

    @Ms. RV: Thanks! My sister painted the mural for us which is super cool. Not sure if I would ever be able to paint over it now.

  40. Portboston

    persimmon / 1281 posts

    @getjazzy: LOVE the tree!! That is adorable!

    @buttermilk: your crib is beautiful!

    @Ms. RV: Thank you! We painted them those colors when we moved into the house....figured it could go for either gender!

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