I thought I'd start us a new thread since the other was was getting so long. And it'll give a chance for people to reintroduce themselves/update their old intros.

I just read this article and wanted to share it (which led to starting the new thread since the old one was rather buried)


"Everyone says they know some people who have it hard at the holidays. People don’t feel that they can grieve at the holidays; they don’t want to spoil others’ Thanksgiving, they say. But I think it would be good if we gave one another permission to grieve, even, actually especially on Thanksgiving."


People think they cant grieve at Thanksgiving. But we have always grieved at thanksgiving and we will again this year. Like me mourning my friend; my sister, her daughter; and, these women, their ruptured lives. Contrary to common wisdom, real thanksgiving prompts grief. I am so thankful for Lúcás and Deb is for Megan. I am thankful for what I have had and what I have lost; thanksgiving makes me grieve.

But that’s ok."

ETA: Copied from old thread

Our last thread was a wealth of love and support, and since it was getting so big, I thought I'd start a new thread for us all. Please feel free to use this space however you like - and know that you are safe here, and are not alone.

Feel free to fill this in, if you feel up to sharing.

1. What is your story?

2. How do you feel today?

3. If you have any "next steps" what are they?

4. What coping strategies have worked the best for you?