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Birthday Party Headquarters, December 2012

  1. rawrasaur

    pear / 1769 posts

    So we decided for sure we are just doing a small get together with no other children, but I wanted to have a little fun with it, so this is what I have so far + balloons. (sorry for crummy late night cell pictures)

  2. MaisyMay

    GOLD / cantaloupe / 6703 posts

    We decided on our theme and ordered our invitations, even gave them to the grandparents. We have a tentative guest list and that's it so far. Our theme is pink dinosaurs. When she screeches we call her our little pterodactyl, so it seemed fitting.

  3. hellocupcake

    persimmon / 1171 posts

    @rawrasaur: I love those invites! (:

    Invitations are going out next week!! Ahhhh!
    We made cupcake toppers and wrapped water bottles with washi tape to add a few fun details (; plus we planned the menu (;

    Anyone else make progress??

  4. rawrasaur

    pear / 1769 posts

    @hellocupcake: Thanks, I designed them last night and am super happy with how they turned out. What flavor cupcakes are you planning on doing?

  5. MrsScallop

    persimmon / 1328 posts

    @rawrasaur: Cute invites!

    So I bit the bullet and booked a mini photo session for LO's birthday, and that will probably be about as much as we do for her besides a really small family thing. But now I am clueless about what to dress her in for the photos. Any one already have your birthday outfits planned? DH gave me permission to go shopping for her, but I just can't decide on what I am looking for!

  6. fancyfunction

    grapefruit / 4085 posts

    I can't believe we're getting so close! I decided on a menu and have started some decor projects.

    @mrsscallop we're doing photos too and I bought her a gray tunic that has peach tulle at the bottom and small rosettes on top. It came with gray leggings and I'm making a headband to match.

  7. rawrasaur

    pear / 1769 posts

    @MrsScallop: I was just figuring this out this week. I'm DIYing first year pictures, but I still want them to be nice. I found this dress at target and bought the bow from Claire's. I'm adding the necklace (probably sewing it onto the shirt) and the leggings I already had. Luckily, it is warm here and we can get away with short sleeves.

    ETA: I am also going to have her wear the dress at her party, but accessorize differently.

  8. fancyfunction

    grapefruit / 4085 posts

    I added a pic b/c I think the outfit looks a lot better than how I described it!

  9. chopsuey

    hostess / wonderful honeydew / 32460 posts

    @rawrasaur: @fancyfunction: cute dresses!!!

  10. hellocupcake

    persimmon / 1171 posts

    @rawrasaur: you designed them?! I want to have a creative bone in my body! (: haha. I'm probably going to stick with basic vanilla and chocolate (: I wanted to make fancy peanut butter filled chocolate but I don't want to risk being the only one obsessed with chocolate-peanut butter combinations (:

    @rawrasaur: very cute! I have a similar one in pink I'm considering for LO (:

    @fancyfunction: I love this. Especially that it's long sleeve. It's so hard to find cute long sleeved outfits and my LO hates sweaters! /:

    @fancyfunction: what are you serving? (: if you don't mind sharing (:

  11. fancyfunction

    grapefruit / 4085 posts

    @chopsuey @hellocupcake thanks!

    I'm keeping it fairly simple -
    Going to start with some pick ons - veggies, cheese, pepperoni, hummus. Then I'm making a salad with chicken, avocado, grapes, corn, etc. with a honey dijon dressing (found it on Martha Stewart) and these mini burger muffin cups that looked cute in the recipe I found. I'm also going to make a cake as well as her smash cake and some star-shaped sugar cookies.

  12. dolphin

    pomegranate / 3768 posts

    I finally ordered DDs invites! Now I can FINALLY get the planning started! How is everyone else doing so far?? We're only one month away! Ahhhhhhh!!!!

  13. chopsuey

    hostess / wonderful honeydew / 32460 posts

    @dolphin: yay! I need to send DS' invites out this week!
    All of his favors have arrived--I just need to put them together the night before the party.
    Need to pay the other half of my catering bill
    Need to pay the other half of my cake bill
    Need to make a happy birthday banner!

  14. MamaJ

    pear / 1609 posts

    I am so behind! DS's party will be nov 30 and I've done zilch. Decided today we are just going to do a very small party. Hopefully will get invites out tomorrow night. We have a menu and I will be going to get some decorations tomorrow as well.

    Looks like I have some late night crafting projects ahead of me

  15. hellocupcake

    persimmon / 1171 posts

    Invitations were sent out today!! (: yay.

    Also, father in law has offered to pay for the food!! Double yay!

    So far I have bought a few things for center pieces and am currently up making her name banner and cake bunting (:

    I still have no clue what she's wearing

    6 weeks?! Ahhh

  16. Andrea

    GOLD / wonderful coffee bean / 18478 posts

    I finally ordered our invites last night so I feel like I can join this thread now!

    When is LO's Birthday? 12/30
    What day are you planning to have the party? 12/15
    Any theme so far? You are my sunshine
    How many people will you invite? 15
    Budget, if any? none
    Location? restaurant
    What do you have done so far? booked the private room, ordered invites, booked appointment with cake designer

  17. butterbean

    apricot / 349 posts

    i'm so excited for all you!!! we decided to keep our party to a family affair at our house...

    i still got to work on all the DIY decorations...i'm moving at a snail's pace

  18. dolphin

    pomegranate / 3768 posts

    @hellocupcake: that's awesome! are you still doing the hot cocoa bar? i'm planning to do that too!

    my dh already picked out and bought dd's birthday dress and head piece…without even telling me first! i thought the mom gets to pick that stuff out! haha! it's cute though so it's okay.

  19. fancyfunction

    grapefruit / 4085 posts

    I'm working on the Happy Bday banner with monthly photos. I've also bought some jewel-colored Christmas balls to display in glass jars. I have the cake recipes and hope they come out OK! I think I'm set with decor - just have to finish implementing everything. I can't believe how this is creeping up on me!!

  20. hellocupcake

    persimmon / 1171 posts

    @dolphin: At this point, I would love if the husband would pick it out. He doesn't really have an opinion except to say "not that" when I show him ideas. We are still planning on doing it. We're actually having Champurado, my aunt-in-law(??) is going to help me make it since she has experience with making it/keeping it warm in a crockpot. Yay! (: I am still hoping to maybe find an awesome deal on a warm beverage dispenser, but if not that's the plan (:

    How are we so close to having one year olds?!

    @butterbean: I love the idea of a small family affair. I am so glad the party is a week before her actual birthday so that on her birthday it can be just her, the husband and me.

    Ps. Cake bunting is hard. I was cutting up felt diamonds and it's a lot more time consuming than I imagined. Darn you pinterest/hellobee with your cute ideas! (:

  21. butterbean

    apricot / 349 posts

    @hellocupcake: thanks! he's a christmas baby so we're trying to figure out how to split up the day to celebrate both christmas and his birthday

  22. 78h2o

    grapefruit / 4441 posts

    When is LO's Birthday? 12/4
    What day are you planning to have the party? 12/8
    Any theme so far? Winter wONEderland (artic - snowflakes, penguins, polar bears, etc.)
    How many people will you invite? 25-30
    Budget, if any? <$300?
    Location? Home
    What do you have done so far? Sent out invites, bought paper goods, supplies for DIY projects, bought some favors, fabric for table covers, bought a play igloo off Craigslist ($10!) and made a felt penguin to go on it. I have lots of projects in mind, so I foresee lots of late nights crafting! It's okay though because I do enjoy it!

    ETA: here are the invites we used (not actual invites - etsy photo).

  23. hellocupcake

    persimmon / 1171 posts

    @78h2o: igloo? $10? Awesome!! That is such a cute them! (:

    @butterbean: born on actual Christmas? (:

  24. butterbean

    apricot / 349 posts

    @hellocupcake: yups! he came 9 days early...and funny thing is i was kidding around with my co-worker about him arriving on Christmas....guess i got what i wished for

  25. rattles

    grapefruit / 4903 posts

    @78h2o: A $10 igloo!? Jealous!

    We're doing a winter onederland too, with pale pink and white decorations and an emphasis on snow/snowmen. I've been collecting all sorts of ideas, but now I'm realizing how soon it's coming (3 weeks from Sunday?!), I'm starting to actually get cracking. We went with these invites from Tiny Prints.

  26. dolphin

    pomegranate / 3768 posts

    @rattles: we got the same invites!! lol. just dropped them in the mail this weekend!

  27. rattles

    grapefruit / 4903 posts

    @dolphin: So fun! Hooray for our little Chicago snowbabies!

  28. hellocupcake

    persimmon / 1171 posts

    The invites have been sent, her outfit has been purchased, the food has been ordered (well, in-laws said they were ordering it this week), we are now focusing on details. I'm so excited!

    How are you guys doing?

    Also, would it be weird if we use her birthday dress for our family photo shoot this year?

  29. fancyfunction

    grapefruit / 4085 posts

    @hellocupcake: We're using the same outfit for both events. Our photo shoot is the week before her party. I figured I'd like her to get some wear out of it.

    I finished making the B-day banner (but need to add monthly pics), cake bunting and DIY'ed a headband. I made a list of all items we'll need for our menu so I think I'm in a good place but can't believe how close it is!

  30. rawrasaur

    pear / 1769 posts

    I have most things set. Just need to finish DIYing a few decorations and decide on some food (and of course make/prepare it).

    I did a first round of 1 year photos the other day, but A quickly melted down so we will try again another day when we have good weather.

  31. rattles

    grapefruit / 4903 posts

    I've put together a slideshow that'll play on our tv, made a banner for the dining room, put together a play list and decorated some water bottles to look like melted snowmen. I still need to put together the banner with her monthly pictures to go in the living room. I've also made the menu and purchased her favors. I can't believe it's a week from Sunday! With Thanksgiving in the middle, I suddenly feel out of time!

  32. hellocupcake

    persimmon / 1171 posts

    @fancyfunction: yay, I think we decided to use the same dress for both too How did you do her headband?!? I'm trying to figure out what kind of headband will match her dress. I should post it and get help (:

    @rattles: Already next week?! Ah.

  33. fancyfunction

    grapefruit / 4085 posts

    @hellocupcake: I actually bought a headband at the dollar store and had some fabric flowers from Michaels which I glued on with a hot glue gun. I also added some glitter stars that I cut from thick stock glitter paper also from Michaels.

  34. tinyperson

    pomegranate / 3858 posts

    @hellocupcake: our photo shoot is the morning of the party, so she'll be wearing the same dress. She'll probably wear the same one for Christmasy events too! We got this pretty one cheap from Joe Fresh.

    I'm still working on decorations, but things are moving along. Is it ok that I'm in denial that she's turning one in two weeks? I still can't believe it!

  35. hellocupcake

    persimmon / 1171 posts

    @tinyperson: that dress!!! I love it! (:
    We're trying to get pictures done next week so we can use them for our Christmas cards but who knows if it will happen

    @fancyfunction: I love the headband, I'm a huge fan of statement head pieces (: I got LO a top hat, but no ideas on how to make it work as a headband. I hope it comes out half as cute as yours.

    I want to see pictures of all these parties. I hope everyone will come back and share (:

  36. fancyfunction

    grapefruit / 4085 posts

    @hellocupcake: Thanks! It was really easy to make.

    I know - can't wait to see all the celebrations!

  37. rawrasaur

    pear / 1769 posts

    Here's how our setup came out.

  38. Kimberlybee

    grapefruit / 4997 posts

    @rawrasaur: Happy Birthday to your precious girl! Loved her 1st year portraits.

  39. dolphin

    pomegranate / 3768 posts

    @rawrasaur: it's lovely! Happy birthday to your baby girl!

  40. rawrasaur

    pear / 1769 posts

    @Kimberlybee: @dolphin: Thanks ladies :-).

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