Hello Ladies!

A little over a year ago I miscarried and found this wonderful site and the ladies on here helped me so much. I am now excited to come back and say I am pregnant! Tomorrow I'll be 5 weeks. Still not out of the woods but I am very excited as well as nervous.

I came to you lovely ladies to see if you could help me figure out how to announce it to my DH. He has no idea that I'm pregnant.

We're taking our DS to Disney in 13 days! I figured this would be the perfect place to announce this magical news. I purchased a banner with the Up house in the background and the banner says "A New Adventure Awaits... Coming April 2017".

Should I just ask for it to be hung in the hotel room? Should I do it in another way? My son's godmother is going to be on the trip as well with her goddaugther. They'll be staying at the resort across the street and she knows so she can help as well.

I also thought about having a caricature draw a picture of us the night we arrive and adding a baby to the picture or having them write big brother on my son's shirt.

With the last pregnancy I announced the new baby on a Starbucks cup, this time around I want it to be huge.

Help me out ladies!