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Do you plan on announcing your pregnancy on facebook?

  1. safdxb

    coffee bean / 40 posts

    I don't plan on posting on Facebook until I'm showing, and maybe then posting a picture of my belly and letting my everyone that doesn't know yet figure it out for themselves.

  2. eeh

    persimmon / 1341 posts

    @Hola: I think some people set up a separate profile so they can be very strict on the settings and therefore who sees information about their kids without having to weed out a lot of things on their personal facebook which may be used for networking. I can kind of see the benefit of it and could also see it being used as a virtual baby book and a way to share big milestones like Baby XYZ took her first step today. Then you automatically have that information recorded and it's shared with people you want it to be shared with. Not sure if this is something I would personally do or not but I can see the benefits of it.

    Announcing on facebook: we'll probably say something. Yes pregnancy is personal but it's also a public thing in the sense that I can't hide the baby bump. I also don't accept friend requests from people I'm not actually familiar with so everyone on facebook is someone I would share the information with anyway. However, details about the pregnancy will probably stay private.

  3. keiki_mama

    nectarine / 2504 posts

    I posted a recent picture of myself around the 19 week mark and everyone kind of figured it out.

  4. SugarplumsMom

    bananas / 9227 posts

    I'm undecided ... I'm leaning towards a no. On one hand it'd really be fun and convenient since everyone I know is so far away, on the other hand, I'd hate to get stray baby comments from old high school friends if things don't go well. Then again the support, even if most of it is just online comments would really help if people knew. I don't know ... but there's a long while before it's time for any announcements anyway.

  5. cyneswith

    persimmon / 1202 posts

    We'll probably tell siblings/grandparents when we hear a heartbeat. Not sure whether we'll post it to facebook then or wait until we have a confirmed gender.

  6. plantains

    grapefruit / 4671 posts

    No one in my circle of friends makes announcements on FB, it just isn't done. More often than not, I find out old friends are pregnant when they post pics of the baby. We will not be announcing. We won't necessarily try to hide it after 2nd trimester but there will be no announcement.

  7. skibobrown

    pomegranate / 3388 posts

    I'm going to post soon in the next few days. I'm almost halfway through my pregnancy (19w2d now), so I think it's about time. All of the important people like family, close friends, my boss, etc. already know.


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